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Photo: Sandro Sulaberidze

Sorry, No Flowers Here

February 5 - March 15, 2022

Tamar Gurgenidze
Gvantsa Jishkariani

Tamara Lortkipanidze

Nata Varazi

The exhibition is comprised of works by young female artists Gvantsa Jishkariani, Lola, Nata Varazi, Tamar Gurgenidze and Tamara Lortkipanidze and muses on such hefty topics such as womanhood in patriarchal culture, assumptions and expectations to look up to, moulds to mutate into, and promises to fulfil.

However, instead of posing these as ideals to look up to, presented artists, with their strong energies and self-contained signature styles, challenge and pervert the supposed truths. Heartfelt journeys through generational traumas and personal quests for healing, absurd harmony of fragile beauty and yet fatal danger, poetry and sentimentality of female comradeship.



Extremely individual painting style and original technique is the defining factor that shapes the young artist's - Lola’s creative identity.

The symbolism evoked in the characteristic colour palette and in the extremely complex structures gives a magical touch to her works.

The artist extensively experiments with materials, scale or ways of exhibiting works. She employs found items, repeats from organic forms, draws directly on the walls and in this way, challenges the accepted norms of the comfort zone.

Nata Varazi


‘This series of works is created around specific feelings. I tried to visualise momentary sensations and emotions, give them physicality, so to speak. Hard and soft materials are depicted on all works. I consider metal supports to be a symbol of stability and protection, while liquid and airy substances are a symbol of sensitivity and emotionality.
In doing so, I was trying to convey my character as a woman, where heaviness and lightness, as well as other conflicting qualities not only do not exclude one another, but also complement each other. '- Nata Varazi.


Tamara Lortkipanidze


Tamara Lortkipanidze is a young artist living in Barcelona. She studied at the faculty of Multimedia Design, Tbilisi State Academy of the Fine Arts, and experimented a lot in different media before finding her visual language in painting.

Tamara’s canvases have a baroque quality to them. The richness of colour, level of refinement, perfection when it comes to the surfaces, meticulous depictions, familiar compositional solutions... yet, the resulting works are so of their moment, talking about the world around, often depicting actual people – friends and acquaintances of Tamara. And indeed, it is her immediate surroundings that inspire the artist the most, be it trendy fashion designs, stylish tattoos and piercings, socio-political realities or the taboos we only just gained courage to talk about.