The work of Qeu Meparishvili is distinguished by its experimental nature; she always tries to convey the message in different forms, be it a neon sign, a giant ceramic tongue or objects made of barbwire. Her works always reflect on the immediate environment around the artist and represent her witty commentary on various issues.



To create the presented works,the artist used her own hair to create presented works and embroidered various symbols on the cloth that she than framed in her own ceramic frames. Connotations arond hair plays an important role both on the exhibition and within the movements which the exposition reflects on. Nowadays hair is directly related to the standards of beauty, both its presence and its absence. But traditionally and in different cultures and social strata, hair had different meanings; it was a symbol of strength, a source of energy, a sentimental moment, or a dangerous weapon. The inspiration for the work also came from the superstitions associated with hair. Qeu explains:

‘During the state of emotional instability I was at, I decided to cut my hair, and then I could not even dare to throw it away, it was as if a strong bond and addiction did not let me, as people cannot break away a bad habit or a toxic relationship. So I decided to turn it into a physical object and always have my fears with me.’

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