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Nika Qutelia

Charitskhes, De?

15/09/2022 -15/10/2022


The Why Not Gallery is glad to present Nika Qutelia’s first solo show in Tbilisi ‘was is transfered Mom?’. Nika is a young artist, who mainly works in digital art. Born in Sukhumi, he is used to constrantly changing places of residence and starting everythinf from scratch, every time in a new dynamic.


In this exhibition, Nika delves into the personal, at the same time, common stories for the 6200 people and portrays them in his own visual language. Fragile heart, full of the seawater and an internal child, unity found through the destruction of war and identities morphed together under the melting time. ‘I wanted to illustrate those snippets of the past that is stuck to my memory. Stories about today's perverted world, relatives' stories about the war, life after the war; On helping each other and hating each other. I wanted to show a stain that does not fade with time. I wanted to portray my inner child, which is still alive through all of this."

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