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Tibatve delves into forms with fervent curiosity; dismantling objects to construct new narratives and fostering a playful atmosphere. Throughout the exhibition, elements of play are evident, with wooden developmental cubes and geometric figures scattered throughout the gallery space. This seemingly encourages viewers to engage with forms, associations, and content, prompting reflection on past traumas and the creation of new meanings. Feminine forms and beginnings, along with tightly woven compositional solutions, where multiple concurrent actions unfold and diverse narratives develop, are prevalent in her works. These surreal compositions, reminiscent of dream sequences, are, according to the artist, reflections of her childhood memories, with the grotesque figures depicted being primarily drawn from her close circle of acquaintances. Childhood memories or reconstructed recollections are brought to life on the canvas through vibrant and heavily laden palettes. Each brushstroke contributes to a new pattern, fostering a vibrant mood that visually uplifts and reintroduces a sense of play into often emotionally charged and somber narratives. The lively color schemes and array of characters evoke reminiscences of animation, particularly the aesthetics of Soviet cartoons.

Within Tibatve's paintings, an array of symbolism, particularly religious or mythological, can be discerned beneath the vibrant colors and abundant imagery. Growing up in post-Soviet Georgia during a religious resurgence, this symbolism holds significant meaning for the artist, representing visual memories ingrained in the subconscious; the symbols and motifs that shaped society and forged new identities. The artworks presented in the exhibition appear to be a manifestation of the artist's subconscious, oscillating between reality and fantasy, the imagined and the felt, the fleeting and the concrete, recounting untold stories nestled deep within the recesses of the mind.

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