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Tornike Bendeliani

თორნიკე ბენდელიანი

Tornike Bendeliani, born in 1992, is a young, self-taught artist originally hailing from Georgia but raised in Russia. His journey as an artist began in 2016, shortly after graduating from Moscow State University of Printing Arts in 2015. Bendeliani likes to experiment with different art forms in a quest to find his signature style. He is increasingly preoccupied with watercolor paints, but his technique is notably unconventional.

Recently, his works have taken on increasingly sculptural qualities as he's started to incorporate concrete. Frequently, he adheres watercolor paper onto concrete panels, imbuing his pieces with added physical and symbolic weight. Furthermore, Bendeliani revels in crafting uneven and bold concrete structures, which serve as frames for his artworks. The irregular texture of these structures seems to mirror the layers of paint that construct compositions within the artwork itself. On occasion, these concrete structures are morphed as niches or shelf-like forms, intensifying the overall sculptural experience and evoking a range of associations.

Bendeliani's works are laden with symbolism. Within the chaos of his compositions, contorted shapes and figures are interwoven with familiar symbols and portraits that emerge from the canvas. The fragmented compositions pose as enigmatic riddles presented to the spectator, challenging them to decipher the concealed meanings. To heighten the sense of ambiguity, the artist deliberately refrains from titling his works and offers minimal if any explanations. These compositions also carry a visual weight, allowing for subconscious interactions where stories of emotional turmoil are left for the viewer to interpret. Mysterious and grotesque, Bendeliani's works delve into those fleeting sensations that defy expression through words.

Bendeliani is frequently exhibited Russia and had his first solo show in Tbilisi in 2023 at The Why Not Gallery. He currently is based in Tbilisi, Georgia.

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