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Photo: Sandro Sulaberidze

Ana Chaduneli

Invisible Figures

03/12/2021 -20/01/2022


We are pleased to invite you to Ana Chaduneli’s solo show, Invisible Figures. The Exhibition presents works that create ingenious landscapes, where boundary between imagined and real is blurred, everything seen resembles something familiar but at the same time is an illusion of sorts.


Born in Rustavi, Georgia 1990, Ana Chaduneli graduated from the Tbilisi State Academy of Arts 2009-2013 (BA), Center of Contemporary Art - Tbilisi (2012-2013), KASK-Royal Academy of Arts and Conservatoire Gent, Belgium 2018-2019 (MA).

Ana chaduneli’s practice includes multidisciplinary mediums like installation, painting, video, graphic and sculpture. In her works she creates environments where imaginative and real worlds merge together, fictional objects and plants take organic forms and create spaces where viewer can become part of the installation.

Ana Chaduneli’s works have been exhibited both in Georgia and abroad including: Angewande Kunst Museum, Frankfurt, Kiyv Biennial, Museum Goch, Germany; Parallel program of the Istanbul Biennial. She has taken residencies at Stiftung Binz39, Nordic Artist Center Dalsasen, Propaganda Residencies. Ana was awarded with the Tsinandali Prize for Visual Arts in 2015.

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