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Nata Varazi

ნატა ვარაზი

Nata Varazi (b. 1991 Tbilisi, Georgia) is a young self-taught painter whose journey into the art world is a testament to her dedication and passion. Lawyer by profession, Nata’s visual language, so prominently evident in her work, was meticulously developed through tireless effort and an unwavering commitment to her craft.

Varazi’s artistic perspective doesn’t aim to depict reality but instead crafts dreamlike compositions rooted in the fantastical and irrational. These surreal depictions capture moments of transition from the real to the unreal, often portraying recurring elements like windows or fragmented walls, illustrating the interconnection of multiple parallel realities. Symbolizing this connection are transparent pieces of fabric fluttering in the wind, evoking a weightless, fluid quality that traverses and establishes semi-visible links between spaces.

In her artworks, Nata’s deep interest in the art historical canon is evident, particularly the influences of the surrealist movement. She seamlessly fuses currently relevant themes with traditional forms of expression, creating a unique and compelling dialogue between the past and the present.

Nata Varazi’s first public presentation of her paintings was at the ‘Sorry, No Flowers Here’ show held at The Why Not Gallery in 2022. In 2024, Nata’s first solo exhibition, ‘Hiding Within The Soft Surface’, also took place at The Why Not Gallery. Varazi’s artworks are held in numerous prominent collections including the Georgian Museum of Fine Arts, Tbilisi.

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