Tamar Nadiradze is trained as a book illustrator, that is greatly felt through her oeuvre, be it the work technique or content 🍬

Often grotesque and absurd, her works are inspired by the world or Georgian myths are legends, which are combined with the artist’s own experiences 🦪

Breathtaking drawings that are heavy with symbols and references portray the stories of of what it means to live in today's Georgia and be a female artist today 🤸🏼‍♀️

Presented series is inspired by the Goddess Dali’s myth. According to the legend, Dali’s divinity and immortality lie in her hair and when the hunter cuts off her hair, she dies 👑

In Tamar’s series too, the hair takes the leading role. Hair, as the symbol of strength, is a common symbol found in almost every ancient culture or legend in the world. Much later it became a signifier of beauty and femininity 💄

But in Tamar's works the hair is also presented as a shelter and a mask, to shield one’s own vulnerability 🧶

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