Tamar Bochorishvili’s art is always on the verge between the real and the absurd, the beautiful and the horrible🦥

These mutually exclusive existences can be considered Tamar's signature style. She works mainly in collage and assemblage, be it small polymer clay objects or pencil and watercolour drawings💥

Objects that are at the same time grotesque and humorous often deal with rather pressing and critical topics such as gender issues in the patriarchal society🎭

The sculpture presented is also about the drama and irreconsibility of the relationship between a man and a woman - the little cosmonaut man, goes to explore the woman as an unidentified object, as if on a space expedition. For a woman, who is deformed in a thousand ways, for this meeting to take place 🎪

The accompanying paintings present the ritual of bonfire and the act of burning, which can be considered a brutal and aggressive act, in a new way. In Tamar's paintings there is a hope that a new and more positive beginning will spring out of destruction 🍭

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