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Stories I tell Myself

Anuk Beluga

Merab Gugunashvili

Gvantsa Jishkariani

Irakli Mereli

Anastasia Pirtskhalaishvili

Mariam Tevzadze 

21/01- 08/03/2023

The Why Not Gallery is proud to present you a group exhibition Stories i Tell Myself


The exhibition brings together young Georgian artists with seemingly radically different approaches and practices, contrasting styles and forms of thought. Poetry, which is felt in all the works and presented by each artist in their own way, is the unifying line around which the exhibition was built.

The personal mythologies that we find or create for ourselves to better understand the world becomes a necessary armor for self-preservation. The multifaceted prisms of symbols and metaphors in which we carry individual and collective traumas and experiences to deal with them, and the unconditional beauty that ultimately overcomes all wounds and disappointments, waves as a flag of victory at the end of the horizon.

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