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Sandro Sulaberidze | Oli's Interviews
Authot: Oli Kvateladze

Tell us how your interest in photography developed?

From a very young age I was drawn to the camera. My aunt had one small camera that no one used and I was playing with it all the time; I was 12 years old, when I disassembled the camera and built something else out of it. I think photography has always been close to me, however I took working with it later when I started studying.
What is photography for you and what makes it an interesting medium?

I do not have much interest in photography as a method for preserving memory. I am interested in all the points of view, how  any living creature in the universe sees and perceives.

Let's talk about a series taken from a car called "Travel to Kakheti", which is presented in the gallery. 


In this work, the movement of objects and their relationship with light is the most important to me. When you look at a fast moving car - everything moves, near and far objects change position at different speeds for the observer. The mountains seem to stand still, unlike the nearby trees that appear in a matter of seconds and disappear in front of you. Added to this is the camera curtain, which also moves inside the camera, all of which leaves interesting traces on the sensor. 

The working process itself is interesting, is it planned or mostly spontaneous? 


The series of shots taken from the car is spontaneous, but I love it when I plan something in advance. I think planning is one of the first steps in beginning something, but when you go through the process there are so many unpredictable things that can not be denied and actually it is interesting to incorporate it in the process.