Sandro Pachuashvili (b.1995, Tbilisi) is a young self-taught artist who studied at the University of Virginia, Faculty of Political Science, 2013-2017. Upon returning to Georgia, he got interested in street art and started making sketches in smaller formats, after which the artist got into working on canvas.

Sandro's creative process is nurtured by popular culture, be it trendy brands, legendary artists, or current slang. The artist uses such a wide and unusual variety of materials as the spray paints and markers when working on the canvas; he often reworks reproductions of famous paintings and creates new works out of them.

Sandro Pachuashvili's works have been exhibited in Tbilisi, at the Gallery Sharden in February 2019 and in the Terminal in December of the same year. The artist's works are presented at The Why Not Gallery.

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