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Sandro Pachuashvili | Oli's Interviews
author: Oli kvateladze

When did you first become interested in painting and what are your first works?

I have been interested in painting since early childhood, but more seriously since 2017. I did my first work on the street, and then for a year I was mainly interested in street painting. Then I moved from street art to canvas and other materials.

Your work is saturated with humour, what do you mean by wanting to show the absurd process of drawing?

For me personally my process is absurd because in addition to using different methods, I also make fun of myself and my work. From childhood, whoever I had contact with, everyone took the process of drawing seriously, they followed quite traditional methods, and I laughed at all this and could not take it seriously. This is probably bad, but then I found a similar cynical attitude in my painting.

What is the main idea of ​​your work and do you want to say something important to the audience?

Yes, all of my works carry small messages for the public, that mostly develop in series. Every series combines one important idea that is not very obvious and requires little observation.


Do you have works done in other styles that the public is less familiar with?

I have works that are executed in a completely different style and they are not known to the public. I think every time I took the drawing process seriously, I deceived myself.