Ridiculous Inflatable Swan-Thing x David Shrigley

Ridiculous Inflatable Swan-Thing x David Shrigley


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We partnered with our beloved Third Drawer Down Studio and now not only present collaborations with Georgian artists, but also insane collabs with our favourite international artists too ⚔️⚔


Originally designed as a limited-edition sculptural piece, cast in heavy polyurethane resin, the David Shrigley Swan has been blown up, literally. This inflatable swan may be missing the graceful curves true to a classic swan, but with its hand-drawn blank expression and erect white neck, it knows exactly what it is, it is a "Ridiculous Inflatable Swan-Thing". Named lovingly by David Shrigley himself, the statuesque swan stands at 35 inches tall and comprises all that is to love about Shrigley's charismatic work, while also being pool-ready.


About the Artist
Third Drawer Down first collaborated with British artist David Shrigley in 2007. Shrigley came into prominence through his drawings, publications and sculptural works. His drawings have a kind of throwaway beauty featuring monster children, idiots, aliens and bad parents. Full of twisted lists and exchanges, Shrigley is a Third Drawer Down favourite both for his angst about modern living, his everyday disappointments and his endless cynicism.

-Inflates to 90cm x 60cm x 80cm


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დავპარტნიორდით ჩვენს სათაყვანო Third Drawer Down Studioდა ახლა უკვე ქართველი ხელოვანებისგარდა ჩვენი უსაყვარლესი უცხოელი ხელოვანების კოლაბორაციებსაც წარმოგიდგენთ


დეივიდ შრიგლის კოლაბორაციების კლასიკა- გასაბერი გედი, რომელიც თავიდან ნამუშევარი იყო, და ახლა ყველას შეუძლია გაბეროს და სახლში ქონდეს. არ არის აუცილებელი აუზში გამოიყენოთ მარტო, დიდ ოთახში მშვენიერი პუფი იქნებოდა.

-გაბერილის ზომაა 90x 60 x 80სმ