Tekla Kiguradze - star

Print on fabric.


Edition of 2


The card ‘Star’ traditionally depicts a woman kneeling by the water with a star shining above her head. She has one foot in the water and the other on the land and she is pouring water from vessels. The card signifies renewed hope, inspiration, faith in universe and the feeling of being blessed. All these symbols are present on Tekla’s drawing; executed in her signature style, incorporating influences from the pop culture and symbols personally dear to her.


Tekla Kiguradze is a young artist with a distinct painting style. Her artworks reflect the artist's deep fascination with the Western art history, Eastern culture and local tradition, which she interprets in patterns, textures and ornaments. Collaborations created for the shop always carry Tekla's signature style.

Of Guardian Angels and Magic Wands Tekla Kiguradze