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We partnered with our beloved Third Drawer Down Studio and now not only present collaborations with Georgian artists, but also insane collabs with our favourite international artists too ⚔️⚔

In collaboration with the Guerrilla Girls, Third Drawer Down presents Do Women Have to be Naked to Get into the Met. Museum? A fine bone china mug featuring a renowned large-scale artwork by the masked crusaders. A Third Drawer Down favorite for your morning tea with powerful thoughts.

About the Artists

The Guerrilla Girls are a group of anonymous artists who wear gorilla masks in public using facts, humor and outrageous visuals to expose discrimination and corruption in politics, pop culture, film and art. In 30 years, they have come up with hundreds of posters, street projects, actions, books, and billboards. Most recently they did a stealth campaign in New York about the super-rich hijacking art, and a wall in Reykjavik about discrimination in the Icelandic film industry. Their retrospective in Madrid has drawn thousands of people. They travel the world doing gigs and workshops, inspiring others to create their own effective activist campaigns.


-New Bone China
-Dishwasher safe
-9.8cm x 8.3cm


საუკეთესო ამბები საუკეთესო ჩვენგან


დავპარტნიორდით ჩვენს სათაყვანო @thirddrawerdown და ახლა უკვე ქართველი ხელოვანებისგარდა ჩვენი უსაყვარლესი უცხოელი ხელოვანების კოლაბორაციებსაც წარმოგიდგენთ


ლეგენდარული კოლექტივის, The Guerrilla Girls, ლეგენდარული ნამუშევარი ახლა უკვე ჭიქაზე, რომ ყველა ჩაის დალევასთან ერთად ვებრძოლოთ პატრიარქატს!


ფაიფური, ირეცხება მანქანაში

9.8 x 8.3სმ

Do Women Have to be Naked Mug x Guerrilla Girls