Cimcimi Candles


Disevi - Green Candle


Reliefs from Disevi- occupied village close to Tskhinvali and elements from Katskhi Monastery (X-XI cc.).


The Disevi village was occupied and destroyed as a result of 2008 occupation. The relief does not exist anymore.

11cm, 240 gr.


Aroma: Smoked cedar and leather Overall composition of the flavor: High tones: cedar, root, red apple Medium tones: oregano, star anise, cannabis Low tones: pepper, leather, smoke Wick: Tree Tetritskaro - Pink Candle Relief from Tetritskaro (Kvemo Kartli V-VII cc.) and elements from Bolnisi Sioni Cathedral. 5.5cm, 135 gr. Aroma: Pink peppercorns and vetiver High tones: pink peppercorns, green plant set Medium Tones: Sandalwood, Patchouli, Lavender Low Tones: Clove, Amber, Vetiver Wick: Tree


ციმციმი სანთლები


დისევი- მწვანე სანთელი


დისევი - ოკუ