Nino Eliashvili | Oli's interviews
author : Oli Kvateladze

What is art to you and is there any specific event that has connected you to painting?

I can not recall a specific event, I spent most of my time drawing from an early age and therefore my profession has never been a topic of discussion. As for what art is to me, I will say that it is the place where I am most free, art is a kind of self-expression, meditation and therapy too, it is a world where I feel most comfortable in.

What do you think is more useful for an artist: good intuition or academic education ?

I have thought about this a lot, I have a serious academic education and sometimes, I realise that because of this, it is very difficult to get rid of the technical knowledge, act freely in a given medium, for example: sometimes I notice that in the process of creating a work my hand tries to paint specific, academically correct shapes, because this is what I was trained for.  Therefore, I try to find a middleground, use what I have learnt, and at the same time, be free in the process.

Are your works the result of pre-determined ideas, or do you just start painting and think about the final result in the process?

When working in watercolour, I have a preconceived notion of what I want to achieve, because this paint is unruly itself. When 
painting in acrylic and oil paints, I try to convey emotions directly without sketching. however, I am constantly improvising with the approaches and methods, so I do not know how I will draw tomorrow.

What makes an artist's signature stand out?
In my opinion, the main thing is to work on yourself, this is a way to self-discovery, where individualism emerges, it is very important to me. At this point, while working on the watercolour series, I try to take the technical approach that is specific for the watercolour paints, turn it around, make it minimalist, one-tone, and thus concentrate more on emotion and form.

What is the idea of ​​your work, what do you want to present?

Works created in different periods carry different meanings. Recent watercolour series are airy, intimate, full of feminine symbols, the message of the works is probably more feminine in aesthetics.

Finally, tell us about the exhibition that was held at the Silk Museum as we know the whole series was made especially for this museum and I wonder where did this idea come from?

Data Chighlashvili, the curator of the exhibition, offered me to work on the idea, the exhibition is about the connection between man, nature and silk. I got to know the exhibits, the laboratory photographs, the objects and the space where the exposition was supposed to be, I created works with this knowledge and inspiration coming from this information. The transparent layers shown in watercolour, remind us of the lightness of silk fabric, represent the connection of various objects or ugly bodies. In my work you will meet figurative compositions that do not show a face; only few names of people who have worked at the Silk Museum are known. Faded people with faded faces are in my works and this too is a kind of symbol, it seems to be human intervention but not of a specific person.

Nino Eliashvili (born 1989, Tbilisi) is a young artist who studied at the Tbilisi State Academy of Arts in 2006-2010, in the field of clothing design, and in 2011-2013 at the Faculty of Painting and Graphics. He worked in graphic design for six years, then founded his own art studio. During the quarantine work began on watercolor series, his work boldly feels direct emotion, the artist's works are free from all forms and are full of creative freedom. The direction of clothing design is evident in her work as well, the artist's works are saturated with feminine, aesthetic content, which makes her work even more special.
Nino Eliashvili has exhibited at various exhibitions and festivals, including Tbilisi Festival, Gala Gallery, Tbilisi State Academy of Arts and in 2021 at the Silk Museum.

Oli Kvateladze (born 1997, Tbilisi) is a young art historic. Since 2017 she has been studying at Shota Rustaveli State University of Theater and Film. The focus of his research is contemporary Georgian art. She is also interested in researching art institutions and has completed an internship at the Tbilisi Museums Association. Today Ollie is an intern at our gallery.


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