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Nino Eliashvili | Oli's interviews
author : Oli Kvateladze

What is art to you and is there any specific event that has connected you to painting?

I can not recall a specific event, I spent most of my time drawing from an early age and therefore my profession has never been a topic of discussion. As for what art is to me, I will say that it is the place where I am most free, art is a kind of self-expression, meditation and therapy too, it is a world where I feel most comfortable in.

What do you think is more useful for an artist: good intuition or academic education ?

I have thought about this a lot, I have a serious academic education and sometimes, I realise that because of this, it is very difficult to get rid of the technical knowledge, act freely in a given medium, for example: sometimes I notice that in the process of creating a work my hand tries to paint specific, academically correct shapes, because this is what I was trained for.  Therefore, I try to find a middleground, use what I have learnt, and at the same time, be free in the process.

Are your works the result of pre-determined ideas, or do you just start painting and think about the final result in the process?

When working in watercolour, I have a preconceived notion of what I want to achieve, because this paint is unruly itself. When 
painting in acrylic and oil paints, I try to convey emotions directly without sketching. however, I am constantly improvising with the approaches and methods, so I do not know how I will draw tomorrow.

What makes an artist's signature stand out?
In my opinion, the main thing is to work on yourself, this is a way to self-discovery, where individualism emerges, it is very important to me. At this point, while working on the watercolour series, I try to take the technical approach that is specific for the watercolour paints, turn it around, make it minimalist, one-tone, and thus concentrate more on emotion and form.