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Nika Qutelia AKA NIKVSIO (b. 1990 Sukhumi) is a young self-taught artist who mainly works in digital art. He studied at the Faculty of Law, however, after the first year, gave up his studies and devoted time to developing his own creative interests. Nika started creating visual art with digital collages inspired by popular culture, then became interested in CGI and is now actively minting NFT too. The artist has found his own visual language, which takes the Internet aesthetics as a source of inspiration. He experiments a lot with digital programs and is interested in creating simulations of different textures and materials. Nika's art often deals with relevant social discourses, be it the latest political events, gender politics, or sensations specific to his generation. Nika works closely with the music and fashion industry, having collaborated with musicians ZillaKami and SosMula group 'City Morgue', as well as German label 'BPITCH BERLIN', Italian designer Adnrea Grossi and clothing brand 'DropDead'.

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