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Mariam Tevzadze (b.1996, Tbilisi, Georgia) is a young artist who studied at the Tbilisi State Academy of Fine Arts, faculty of Graphic Design. Since graduating, Mariam has worked in the field and is currently an art director at the Tbilisi-based creative agency Brid. For Mariam, having a career in graphic design was a conscious decision, as a way of liberating her creative process from the outside pressures. However, outside her professional day job, Mariam devotedly creates art.


Mariam Tevzadze's creative process is highly methodical and follows a strict pattern. Central figure in her drawings is always a young woman who looks very much like the artist herself. Monochrome drawing inspired by magical realism are imbued with symbols and signs that only the artist can decipher. By translating her own experiences and memories into metaphors, Mariam tries to reflect on her past and in doing so, liberate herself from it.

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