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Malkhaz Gorgadze, born in 1941 in Tbilisi, comes from an artistic family with parents Bidzina and Elene Gorgadze, who were also artists. Graduating from the Academy of Arts in 1965, Malkhaz initially pursued a career as a ceramicist. However, he soon became involved in city redevelopment projects, leaving his mark on various districts of Tbilisi through the creation of well-known mosaic and relief panoramas.


What many may not know is that alongside these ventures, Malkhaz Gorgadze has consistently explored painting throughout his artistic journey and continues to actively create to this day. The monumental and captivating paintings, crafted over a span of 50 years, are a celebration of exquisite shapes and harmonious colour schemes. Rooted in a profound understanding of academic drawing, the artworks follow a cohesive narrative, portraying idyllic tropical landscapes and figures immersed within them. They offer a sea of metaphors, allegories, philosophical reflections, and existential inquiries.


Malkhaz Gorgadze continues to practice his art in Tbilisi, Georgia.


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