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Kakha Berelidze | Oli's interviews
author :Oli Kvateladze

Tell us about yourself, when and why did you start painting?

I have been drawing since childhood, painting was what I always wanted to do. In 2010-2014 I studied at the Tbilisi State Academy of the Fine Arts, Faculty of Fine Arts, in the class of Kote Sulaberidze. Throughout that period and after I have been drawing, participating in various projects, I have had many group or solo projects. After graduating from the academy, I continued working in my field. I was also doing various design projects, filmmaking was also interesting to me, I was working as a directing artist. In parallel, I worked in France, I have a workshop there and recently signed a contract with an art residence, I have been working in France for the last two years.

It has been about four months since I returned to Georgia, several projects in France got delayed as a result of the pandemic and I decided to continue doing my job here.

Kakha, as we know you work in many different directions, I wonder where you feel more comfortable and what gives you the most pleasure in your work?

I mostly paint, but I also work in many other areas, such as interior design. I recently made my first sculpture, before that I was busy making installations. I think that when you are an artist you can work in any media and material, the main thing is to know the specifics of the medium. I did an installation for the first time at the academy, I participated in one of the projects and decided to put the canvas aside for a bit, then I liked the fact that I used lighting in all the installations and working in this area turned out to be very interesting for me. It gives me the greatest pleasure to experiment in any field and challenge myself.

Do you think traveling to France and getting to know French culture more closely has changed anything in your creative process or working style?

France, and in general, changing geographical locations always causes other changes as well: emotions, moods and feelings change. Although the field of French art is quite distant from its cultural analogues, my art was anachronistic, the works were relatively more figurative, it was during this period that I decided to experiment with symbolism.