Sandro Sulaberidze is a young photographer. In his work he experiments a lot and especially often explores different forms or methods of taking photographs.

Presented works are from his series "Journey to Kakheti". The photos were taken by Sandro from a car on the move and therefore, got different effects each time - sometimes the image is so blurred, it looks like an abstract painting, sometimes it is so static that it is hard to believe that it was taken while riding in a car.

‘The views from a car window are often very impressive and at the same time inaccessible. The scenery changes every second, the closer you are to the scene the less time you have to comprehend it. However, distant objects are static for a long time and you have enough time to study their monumentality. The photos "Travel to Kakheti" act as the vehicle windows and attempt to comprehend the unchanging principle of a changing environment. Close objects moving fast in space compete with the camera curtain.'

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