Anna Jibladze (B. 1995) works a lot in oil painting and through these experimentations constructs her visual language. Employing bold brushstroke, simplified forms and a distinct palette, the artist’s works reference the tradition of expressionism to create artworks that deal with modern life dilemmas. The artist created a series of paintings and united them under the title ‘Wi-Fi Telepathy’. In the series the internet and traditional belief systems are superimposed with each other, drawing parallels between the schools of religion that in the modern world have partly been turned into the tropes of mass culture and the internet, which in many respects can be considered as a new religion. The leading figure of the series is a creature with an animal body and a female face. The mystical woman brings to life traditional archetypes - sphinxes and goddesses, exotic creatures with thick braids that can also be read as a kind of self-portraits heavy with symbolism.

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