Ani Toidze

Tell us a bit about yourself, can you remember how you started to paint?


My first interaction with painting is not connected to a single event or period, everything happened very organically, but I cannot ascribe it to pure chance occurrence either. My father became my guide through this world, he introduced me to art, but not only, he determined and shaped the reality I live in and feel most comfortable. Painting became my daily activity when I realised I could express myself most easily in this medium.


Your artworks often depict memories, are these your childhood memories and how nostalgic is your work? 

Nostalgia means returning to something, it’s an attempt that is already doomed from the beginning, it’s something I can let go of or something that is impossible to say goodbye to. If we put it that way, then perhaps that could be the leitmotif of my work. You can’t determine that consciously, these images of dreamlike faces are not created rationally, it resembles the realities we construct in our dreams, without even knowing how we do it.

Which medium is the most comfortable for you to work in?

Oil on canvas I guess, it’s the most comfortable medium for me. However, it’s no less interesting to work with other techniques as well. I think that painting is the only infinite matter, inexhaustible, where new and unknown layers are encountered every time and I feel that it’s an endless story for me. 

Do you like to experiment? What do you think, how is it expressed in your art? 

Experimenting is a part of the process that I do almost everyday. It doesn’t matter what material I work with, whether this medium is familiar to me or not. We always come across unknown islands, the discovery of which is the most interesting and attractive for me.Recently, I started experimenting with wood-cutting, it is such an unusual material me for now. I’ve never worked with it before and I think that this is the most mysterious thing that I have ever tried in my life.

When starting your work, do you have a preconceived plan, or do topics arise spontaneously?

It’s difficult to formulate this as different images are constantly spinning in my head, some of which are realised, this is an ongoing process. When I start transferring these visions on a canvas or other material, it is then these images take their final shape, everything comes together on its own. The initial idea always changes form, but the resulting work always has a lot in common with it.

Color always plays a leading role in your works,  do you use it to express a specific emotion?

Color is that mystical essence you can’t explain verbally, for me it is the most crucial tool that helps me express my most personal and intimate emotions. Each color has its own special or emotional meaning and definition, which is probably determined by the unconscious.

How does it feel to complete an artwork - is it a relief or a beginning of a new puzzle?


It can be both. I mean, it’s a continuous chain, you never know where it will take you. During the process, links arise that you haven’t thought about or paid attention to before. Even when you complete one artwork, those question marks still stay with you.