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Artist Andro Dadiani started his creative career in 2017. His works are mainly devoted to the study of social topics and reflect on current events in the country, acute political or public dilemmas. The artist describes himself as a performance artist and a poet and works in a variety of media including installation, photography and sculpture.

Andros' works are often exhibited in Georgia and abroad, including Open Space, Tbilisi State Academy of the Fine Arts, Tbilisi Oxygen, Tbilisi Online Biennale, Warsaw Gallery Weekend. Since 2020, the artist has been creating a series of performances, ‘Worker’, in collaboration with Kunsthalle Tbilisi. In 2021, Andro published his first collection of poems, ‘Purgatorio’.

Andro Dadiani is a performance artist and a poet. His poetic performances often refer to the harsh social realities of Georgia. At the same time, the artist researches questions concerning identity in his work and reflect on the Georgian society and his personal experiences. In Andro's biography we read:

‘Since Georgia is one of the most homophobic countries, the artist has to present himself under a pseudonym and a mask in order to be able to live in the country. Andro Dadani is one of the most famous artists in his country, but even his family does not know about his work, and this repressed nature makes his work this emotional. '

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