Ana Gzirishvili’s series of CGI prints ‘Bay in the market’ presents Bay’s, Ana’s created character, stroll around the Navtlughi bazaar 🥬

CGI character Bay is part of the artist’s ongoing research devoted to investigating digital and physical spaces and their influence on one another 🍬

The inspiration for creating Bay was the NASA-funded experimental research from 1960s 🚀

Bay does not have hands. At first glance, completely helpless and vulnerable, she wanders through different places and digital clouds 🖥️

Bay's trip to the Navtlugi market is kind of a traumatic experience, very familiar feeling for women in such crowded places - uninvited attention, rude staring or touching ... But for Bay, it actually is liberating to exist in digital format in these spaces. In this way she can be of any shape, possibly anthropomorphic, of any color and sex. Bay herself can choose her own image 💌

The work also reflects on the problems of the job market, where young women are often exploited🥀


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