Ana Gzirishvili (B.1992) is a multimedia artist who mainly works in film, lens-based media, CGI, and writing. Her projects often examine visual and socio-cultural realities and address the feelings relevant to present day world- that of displacement in and in-between material/immaterial realms.

CGI character Bay is part of the artist’s ongoing research devoted to investigating digital and physical spaces and their influence on one another. The inspiration for creating Bay was the NASA-funded experimental research from 1960s, when the scientists attempted to teach the dolphins speak. It was believed that because dolphins have no hands, they would have the true, immaterial experience of the world.

Bay also does not have hands.  At first glance, completely helpless and vulnerable, she wanders through different places and digital clouds. But for Bay, it actually liberating to exist in digital format in these spaces. Through the character, the artist reflects on issues important to her such as female exploitation, conditions of power,  question of interconnectedness among others.

Ana's Performances