Ana Chaduneli’s practice mainly explores the imaginary, dystopian worlds 🌍She works in a variety of mediums and often uses familiar materials and methods, traditional symbols and signifiers from both, the pagan and Christian cultures, and then places them in modern context 🕹️



The objects presented at the exhibition are at first glance boring, everyday objects - a table mirror, a comb and a jewellery box. However, these items are bound with symbolism and interpretations – from magical fairy tales, to the signifiers of the beauty industry 🧚


These items, made of clay, become immediately absurd - seemingly utilitarian, are in reality completely dysfunctional, because seemingly solid, they are in fact miraculously delicate 🧸 The subversive character of these objects echoes centuries of fears and obsessions about what it means to be a woman 🔥

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